Dedicated Customer Feedback

Crower is listening, to you! There are many changes we plan on making over the next couple years and it is going to be a lot of work. Let us know what you think of our changes and what you would like to see us add, as we value your opinion. Your ideas are very important and we want to hear them.  We want to create the most powerful, enjoyable and interactive web experience for you, our customer.

What information is most important to you?
What information do you need to know and we need to get it up on the site?
How can we help you to find what you are looking for quicker and easier?

If there are other products on the market and you think we should be making them, tell us about it. If you know of new set ups or new engines that are becoming hot, let us know. If you are looking for products and it doesn't appear that we sell them, let us know. If you have noticed failures from other companies' products, let us know what they are.

Do you have video, audio and pictures of your ride using Crower components? We want to know. Send us the files or links and we will get them integrated into our website.

Are you using Crower components and have won an event? Let us know. There is a place for you here, on the Crower website.

Are you interested in trading links? Tell us who you are and what you do, we can put a link to your site up on our website. We will have a representative contact you to discuss the particulars.

Got feedback? Please e-mail us here: