New Products

Crower Shaft Rockers
Crower is continually developing shaft rocker systems for the new "hot" cylinder heads. Each Crower Shaft Rocker setup is impeccably designed and produced to maximize valve train rigidity and accuracy. We utilize the longest arm length possible for each application, resulting in minimal rocker tip travel. This results in less frictional power loss as well as accommodating larger diameter valve springs. Crower Shaft Rocker Setups allow for the quickest "at the track" valve train modifications around.  Any change that requires rocker removal can be performed without concern for absolute accuracy upon reassembly.

Crower Shaft Rockers are available in three material choices:

  • Stainless Steel: Sustained high temperature has little affect on the strength, corrosion resistance or mechanical properties of stainless, which results in significantly longer life expectancy than inferior cast steel rocker arms on the market today. Longevity, precision valve response and accuracy make this a perennial favorite of dirt late model and marine endurance competitors. 
  • Billet Aluminum: This budget minded shaft rocker arm setup utilizes all of the premium stands and hardware of our Stainless & Billet setups.
  • Steel Billet: This is the latest addition to the Crower Shaft Rocker line. The Crower Steel Billet Shaft Rocker arm is designed for extreme spring pressure applications and hard to fit cylinder heads.

Crower Hydraulic Roller Lifters
Crower is now offering Hydraulic Roller Lifters compatible with both early and late model SBC and BBC engines, complete with the High Pressure Pin Oiling option (HIPPO). Highly praised among Solid Roller Lifter users, Crower has incorporated the same HIPPO option into the hydraulic roller lifters to deliver superior performance coupled with dependable longevity that surpasses the likes of cheaper standard hydraulic roller lifters. The SBC 66310H and BBC 66321H both feature .300” taller lock blades and 2.200” pushrod seat heights and are tested thoroughly for optimum efficiency in operation, making them the perfect option to retro-fit both early and late model high endurance applications.

GM DURAMAX 6600 Rods & Crankshaft
Crower has been making top-end, high performance connecting rods & crankshafts for more than 25 years. We have the experience and state-of-the-art technology to build some of the highest quality and most reliable rods & crankshafts on the market.

Our steel billet connecting rods feature only the finest USA-made proprietory steel, which is CNC-machined to remove all surface imperfections. They are 100 percent magnaflux-inspected, checked for surface hardness, and then machined to final size to exacting tolerances within 1/1,000 of an inch. Each set of rods is fully balanced and then shot-peened to achieve the ultimate in strength and durability. Other features include: Drilled and chamfered wrist-pin oil holes on each rod for additional oiling, to prevent galling; deep, double-ribbed caps for superior strength at high rpm; and a hollow-dowel alignment fastening system for positive cap alignment. The rods are available in I-beam models with either premium H-11 tool-steel rod bolts (7/16; 220,000 psi) or AMS5844 (7/16; 280,000 psi) bolts as upgrades. They can also be ordered with a special, pressure-fed oiling hole from the big end to the pin end of each rod, for pressurized wrist-pin oiling. Custom Lengths also available and fully machined in San Diego.

Crower Crankshafts are made from the finest quality materials in the world. Our top of the line forged cranks are made from aerospace quality, vacuum degassed 4340 chromoly steel. Our 4340 forged cranks are "non-twist" drop forged for the strongest crankshafts on the market. Crower's billet cranks utilize either 4340 or EN30B materials. It's your choice at Crower, we make what you want and need for your application.

Maxi-Lite Crankshafts
Developed by Crower’s engineers, for the racers never ending desire for maximum throttle response, lighter rotating mass and of course reliability. This new design which combines our proven Ultra-Light and Standard Light Weight designs. Made from the worlds finest 4340 chromoly steel. The Maxi-Light design comes standard; with pendulum undercutting, center counterweights removal, four lightening holes, gun drilled mains, profiled rear flange and radius edges.
Maxi-Lite Rods
The original tapered beam connecting rod. Crower’s ‘RBT’ (Radial Beam Technology) design combines lightweight performance with proven reliability at an extended rpm. CNC machined, vacuum degassed, and premium steel alloy rated to 170,000 p.s.i. The Maxi-Light 93 Series rods are available in six unique designs, depending on intended application, horsepower and rpm considerations. Crower pioneered the use of small journal diameters, including the popular Honda bearing size (2.008) and the Quad 4 bearing size (2.015) for reduced friction and increased horsepower. H11 tool steel rod bolts come in standard sizes, 3/8 for series 1,2, & 3, and 7/16 for series 4, 5, & 6. Optional AMS5844 bolt upgrade available (280,000).
Flat Tappet Lifters
New Tappet Lifters in stock! Chose from Standard or Super Polished finishes w/ the Coolface Option available for added oil to the cam/lifter face without any adverse oil pressure loss. Finally, A Flat tappet Lifter That Delivers The Ultimate Reliability. Click here for the Flat Tappet Menu.
Beehive Valve Springs
Beehive valve springs have been known in the industry as having a lower mass at the retainer end thus allowing for better valve control. This is only partially the reason for the better valve control. Beehive valve springs are unique when it comes to coil spacing, rate control, and also using a MA wire cross section. Beehive springs benefit from utilizing ovate shaped wire. This wire more effectively distributes the stress over the entire wire area allowing for more complexity within the spring improving the fatigue life of the spring. Contact Crower with your inquiries.
Drag Race and Oval Track Valve Springs
New Drag Race and Oval Track valve springs are In-Stock and are ready to help your machine breath stronger! These springs are offered in Double and Triple spring applications and are processed with excellent load loss characteristics. They are offered in several sizes and loads to cover numerous applications. Contact Crower with your inquiries.
4.6 Ford SOHC Billet Cam Cores and Adjustable Cam Gears
Crower has released its new line of billet cam cores and cam gears for the 4.6 Ford SOHC Modular applications. The adjustable cam gears come in sets of two (Part Number 86052) These adjustable cam gears incorporate light weight design and are 100% American made. Currently the two-valve and four-valve cores are available. These are premium steel billet cam cores, not regrinds of factory cores, and allow for unlimited specs without any reduction in factory base circle.
4.6L/5.4L Ford SOHC Modular 3 Valve Billet Cam Cores
Crower has finally released 3 stages of Cam Core Glory! From Stock Replacements to Hot Street Profiles to Full-On Strip Applications, Crower definately has the Camshaft for you! Special Order Custom Grinds are also available! Currenly offering the SOHC Modular 3 Valve cams for 4.6L or 5.4L 2005-Up Ford engines. These are premium steel billet cam cores, not regrinds of factory cores, and allow for unlimited specs without any reduction in factory base circle.
Stainless Steel Shaft Rockers
For those of you that feel most confident running a steel based valve train, we offer you the Crower collection of shaft mounted stainless steel rocker arms. Each and every configuration has been religiously scrutinized to offer extreme rigidity and accuracy while optimizing moment of inertia phenomena condition. Crower engineers made ease of installation and maintenance a top priority so you’ll never waste a moment when time is critical at the track. Our stainless steel shaft rocker systems are a perennial favorite of dirt late models and marine endurance competitors. Sustained high temperature has little affect on the strength properties of stainless steel so components made from this material should have a longer life expectancy than similar components made from aluminum.