Sales Policy

CROWER CAMS & EQUIPMENT COMPANY 6180 Business Center Court • San Diego • California • 92154-5604 • USA
619-661-6477 • Fax: 619-661-6466 • • email:
HOURS 7am to 5pm PST • Monday through Friday • Closed from 12pm to 1pm PST for lunch.
WHERE TO PURCHASE CROWER PRODUCTS Crower products are available at speed shops and performance warehouses throughout the world. If you have difficulty locating a Crower dealer in your area and wish to order from us directly or find a dealer near you, call 619-661-6477 and speak to one of our qualified technicians. You can order products online, as well.

All specials, discounts, clearance item prices, shipping prices & sales posted on the Crower website are available for internet purchases only and are not applicable in combination with any other discounts or sale prices.

MINIMUM ORDER A $2.50 service charge is applied to orders that are less than $20, excluding taxes and shipping/handling charges.
PAYMENT POLICY Crower accepts cash, U.S. postal money orders, certified checks, cashier’s checks and bank drafts as deposits or full payments. Personal or non-certified checks are not accepted. Company checks are acceptable only if you have established credit with Crower prior to your order. Open accounts may be arranged by contacting the Crower Accounting Department. Credit applications are available upon request. A payment issue will delay the start day of your custom order. Production will wait until a payment method or payment delivery has been secured. Call the accounting department immediately upon their request.
C.O.D. POLICY Crower accepts U.S. postal money orders, certified checks, cashier’s checks and bank drafts as deposits or full payments. Company checks are acceptable only if you have established credit with Crower prior to your order. Failure to meet these requirements may result in additional delivery charges.
DEPOSIT POLICY A minimum 50% deposit is required on all custom clutches, crankshafts and rods. All other custom part payments are collected 100% upfront.

We currently accept the following credit cards: Visa, MasterCard, Discover, and American Express. The following types of credit cards are not accepted: Diner’s Club Card, and Gift Cards (Even when they display the Visa, MasterCard, Discover, or American Express logos, they do not adhere to any safety protocols). To lessen credit card fraud, all credit cards must pass security screening. The following information must be provided by all cardholders whose credit cards are from banking/credit unions within the United States: Cardholder Name, Credit Card Number, Expiration Date, Security Code, and Billing Address. If any of the above mentioned information is incomplete or invalid the order will be postponed until the correct information is provided. International orders must also supply a copy of the card’s statement.

Note that we do not store your credit card details on our servers. We only pre-authorize your credit card when you purchase items on our site. Due to the nature of the complexity of some orders the pre-authorization on your credit card may expire by the time we ship your order. In this case, we will request your credit card details over the phone to recharge it.

DOMESTIC SHIPPING All shipping is F.O.B., San Diego, California. If no shipping instructions are received with your order, Crower will ship your items via ground service.  Although we strive to ship all orders the same day, a specific shipping date is not guaranteed for any order.  Please specify any special handling such as overnight and two day service (UPS and FedEx), with your order. Drop shipments can be made if the order is prepaid or you have an open account with us. A fee will be applied on all drop ship orders. All next day and second day orders have a 12pm PST (3pm EST) processing cutoff time. Shipping is not considered part of your Crower purchase, but is an independent transaction associated with your purchase’s delivery. A handling fee of $4 will be applied to each shipment's invoice when the shipping charges are billed to a recipient or third party account number. Shipping/Handling is not covered during warranty replacement issues. Shipping/Handling is not credited or refunded during any transaction.

We make every possible effort to make international shipping as economical and hassle free as possible for our customers.  

Duties and taxes are not included in the freight cost that is calculated in the Crower shopping cart. Every country has its own customs and duties fees and regulations. It is impossible for us to give an exact cost of the duty and tax for all destinations; however at your request we can supply you with a close estimate of the fees that you will need to pay to clear your order thru customs. You will be required to pay the duties and taxes assessed by the country of destination before delivery of your products will be made. For an estimate for duties and taxes please email us at with the products that you are interest in purchasing and the destination country.

All currency amounts shown or quoted by Crower are in USD (United States Dollars) unless otherwise stated.  

LIMITED WARRANTY All Crower racing products are 100% inspected for quality and quantity prior to shipment. Certain Crower products are covered by a limited warranty, others are not. See warranty page for additional information. All guarantees or warranty claims must be referred to the Crower factory. No dealer, jobber or warehouse is authorized to handle these claims directly.

All merchandise ordered in error is subject to a 15% handling and restocking charge. Merchandise may not be returned without written authorization from Crower. Special order or custom made parts are not returnable or refundable. Original invoice number and date of purchase must be furnished. All items must be returned freight prepaid along with written authorization from Crower.

Out of stock items will be backordered and held until parts are available or order is cancelled by the customer. If you do not wish to have out of stock items backordered, please specify with your order. If the parcel is received intact and a shortage or error is discovered, you must report this to Crower immediately and follow it up in writing within 3 days after receipt of shipment. Merchandise sent in for refurbishing or specifications will be held for no longer than 60 days. Merchandise in our possession after 60 days will become the property of Crower.

No returns or refunds will be accepted after 90 days*.

* Return policy change. 10/01/17

VACATION NOTICE Crower is closed during the Christmas holiday season, usually starting the Saturday before Christmas week and ending the day after New Years. For exact dates call 619-661-6477 or email.