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ZDD PlusLubrication Kit

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Lubrication Kit, ZDDPlus Oil Additive & ZDD Paste ZDDPlus - The original Zinc oil additive packaged along with ZPaste for initial engine break-in.

For more than 70 years ZDDP (Zinc Dialkyl Dithio Phosphate, containing Zinc and Phosphorus) was a mainstay of motor oil, providing trouble-free engine protection. The E.P.A. has now forced most ZDDP from domestic motor oil, including diesel oils. This lack of zinc and phosphorus is most severe in the just-released 'SN' (ILSAC GF-5) rated oils.

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ZDDPlus™ vs GM EOS and TORCO: ZDDPlus™ contains 42,700 ppm of phosphorus and 57,300 ppm of zinc. When a 4-ounce bottle of ZDDPlus™ is added to 5 quarts of oil, it is diluted 41:1, which contributes 1047 ppm of phosphorus and 1397ppm of zinc to whatever the oil may or may not already contain.
GM EOS contains 6210 ppm of phosphorus and 6820 ppm of zinc. When a 12-ounce bottle of GM EOS is added to 5 quarts of oil, it is diluted 11:1 which contributes 565 ppm of phosphorus and 620 ppm of zinc to whatever the oil may or may not already contain.
TORCO ZEP contains 6015 ppm of phosphorus and 6783 ppm of zinc. When a 12-ounce bottle of Torco Zep is added to 5 quarts of oil, it is diluted 14.3:1 which contributes 421 ppm of phosphorus and 474 ppm of zinc to whatever the oil may or may not already contain.
ZDDPlus™ adds much more real ZDDP than any other product due to its extremely high concentration. Using ZDDPlus™ eliminated adding large amounts of unwanted filler oil that less concentrated products contain. Most SM oils contain between 600-800 ppm of both phosphorus and zinc. This number would then be added to each of the numbers we stated for ZDDPlus™, GM EOS or Torco ZEP.
SUPERIOR TO ANY OTHER PRODUCT! If your engine was designed prior to the 1990s, or if you're running a modern high performance motor with a flat tappet camshaft, your non-roller lifters require ZDDP zinc oil additive to prevent metal-to-metal contact and subsequent deterioration. Newer testing, mentioned in one oil manufacturer's advertising, also attributes piston scuffing to the decreased levels of zinc and phosphorus. Don't let metal-to-metal contact destroy your new engine a 4oz's (1 bottle) of ZDDPlus added at every 4 to 5 quart oil change provides the correct amounts of zinc and phosphorus in your oil, protecting your investment. ZDDPlus contains the proper amount of ZDDP to give at least 0.18% zinc and 0.13% phosphorus level when a single 4 ounce bottle is added to a 5-quart oil change. This level of zinc and phosphorus is the level designed into pre-OBDII oils. ZPaste is a proprietary formulation of Zinc Dialkyl DithioPhosphate (ZDDP) types with a Molybdenum DiSulfide (MoS2) additive in a new formulation Calcium Sulfonate base. This formulation is revolutionary, and is far superior to all other products on the market! It's extreme adhesion allows it to remain in place on critical engine parts for long periods of time during initial break-in. ZPaste on contact points longer than other lubes, protecting parts from damage during initial startup. After being dissolved in the oil, the components in ZPaste will continue to help protect engine parts during break-in. ZPaste is designed to be used along with a bottle of ZDDPlus for initial engine break-in, and actually increases the ZDDP level of your oil as it dissolves. ZPaste comes in a 5/8-ounce packet- the perfect amount for one V8 application. When used in conjunction with one 4-ounce bottle of ZDDPlus in a typical 4-6 quart oil capacity application, no special break-in oil is required. ***Ground Shipping Only***
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